Meet the Team

We're proud of our talented team members working hard to bring Shire to life.

Leadership Team

Samantha Boucher

CEO and Co-Founder

A serial startup early hire & helped scale early-stage startup companies including Handshake, now at 3.5b+ valuation. Served as campaign manager for Democratic U.S. House and U.S. Senate campaigns, with extensive political industry experience.

Edward Monical-Vuylsteke

CTO & Co-Founder

Edward is a backend developer and systems architect with 15+ years of experience in building scalable, integrated systems.

Cory Archibald

Communications Lead & Board Advisor

Cory is a powerful voice in the progressive movement, formerly serving as chair of the board for Brand New Congress. She has directly worked on or advised over 100 campaigns.

Danny Castonguay

Board Advisor & Investor

Danny holds degrees in computer science, machine learning, and an MBA. In his professional career he has worked as an Associate Partner for McKinsey, CTO & co-founder of Kalibrr and is currently CEO and Founder of 

Throughout his career, Danny has been committed to helping businesses solve complex problems with technology.

Josh Nelson

Board Advisor & Investor

Josh has over 15 years experience in communications and the political industry, including serving as Vice President of Credo Mobile. 

He currently leads the Juggernaut Project and Civic Shout, helping progressive campaigns and nonprofits reach voters and supporters.

Dylan McKone

Product Manager

Dylan is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in Human-Centered Design and Engineering as well as German Studies. A lifetime involved in ASD communities with a twin with autism has inspired her to create for underrepresented and unsupported communities.

Product TEam

Ahmed Korani

Full-stack Engineer

Ahmed is a passionate full-stack software engineer, with experience in web & mobile applications.

At Shire, he’s delivering code across our ecosystem.

Gerald Goco

Senior Backend Engineer

Gerald is a senior full-stack developer with 8 years experience building web & mobile applications.

At Shire, he’s focusing on our backend infrastructure.

Nhicko Garachico

Frontend Engineer

Nhicko is a full-stack developer, and at Shire is focusing on our front-end experience.

Christina Ho

UI/UX Designer

Christina is a UI/UX designer who strives to design human-centered technology that is accessible, adaptable, and approachable.

Past contributors

Jyn Fairchild

Jyn is a UI/UX designer who cut her teeth at Google, working on UX for multiple products including Youtube & Search. She’s a maker, arduino lover, and graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology.

She contributed much of Shire’s early design system.

Michael Aponte

Michael is an experienced organizing director and full stack engineer with a deep understanding of the needs of movement organizers. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He served as Shire’s Engineering Director in 2022, and contributed much of our early technical R&D.

Spencer Powell

Spencer is a designer with a passion for enabling others to create. A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, Spencer helped build products that touch the lives of users across many different industries.

He contributed to Shire’s early design system and component development.