The first digital office for progressive campaigns & organizations

Shire enables volunteers to support progressive campaigns and causes – from anywhere on Earth. 

Available now for closed alpha.



The flexibility of Slack, 
the ease-of-use of social media,
and secure end-to-end encryption.

Designed for volunteers.

Now in closed alpha.

Volunteer Onboarding

Volunteers can sign up,
share their interests & skills,
and be connected with a team right away.

Now in closed alpha.

next ON the roadmap:

NGPVAN Integration

When volunteers are onboarded,
automatically sync their data to NGPVAN.

In development – target release Q2 2023.


Provide volunteers the training they need,
on-demand through Shire.

Planned – target release Q3 2023.

App Launcher

With Shire single sign-on, volunteers can be automatically signed in and taken
to other apps with a single click.

Planned – target release Q4 2023.

Our Partners

We've officially partnered with Automattic, the team behind WordPress, to build integrations for volunteer onboarding and supporter data capture on WordPress sites.

Automattic Official Partner

We've partnered with to bring global engineering talent and security expertise to Shire. Official Partner

We're proud to be building Shire on, an open network for secure, decentralized communication.

Matrix Technology Ecosystem

    Version displayed is a work-in-progress and subject to change.

    The vision

    Organize campaign communication,
    learning, and apps in a central hub.​

    Volunteering should be as easy as logging on to social media. 

    Our vision is for a foundational platform, integrated with the entire civics ecosystem. Shire will act as an operating system, tying the pieces together and making them easy for volunteers and organizers to use.

    By integrating with already-existing apps for actions like phone banking and texting, alongside our core Onboarding, Chat and Learning modules, volunteers can finally have a one-stop shop for digital volunteering.