The future of volunteering.

We’re building a modern digital campaign office
for volunteers & organizers.

It’s time to make volunteering easy & accessible for all.

Here's the bottom line:

Democrats can't win without volunteers.
And in the age of COVID, volunteering is harder than ever.

Communication tools like Slack, and bespoke political tools can be confusing without training. And there are a lot of them – the average digital volunteer might interact with six or more separate apps.

Organizers spend countless hours on repetitive tasks like calling volunteers to confirm shift sign-ups and troubleshooting tech issues. Often, staff even spend more time training volunteers how to use tech than how to speak to voters.

For campaign technology experts, it’s no walk in the park, either –
with nothing on the market that is bespoke and designed specifically
for campaigns, staff are forced to spend months re-building
the same systems & infrastructure from scratch.

In 2020, campaigns like Sen. Bernie Sanders and President Joe Biden’s relied on internally-built tools that ceased to exist when these campaigns ended.

Over 70,000 digital volunteers used the free,
extremely limited version of Slack on the Bernie Sanders campaign.

We're building Shire to
revolutionize digital volunteering.

Shire will be as powerful as Slack for organizers,
as easy-to-use as social media for volunteers,
and end the cycle of re-creating the wheel.

We’re entirely crowdfunded and depend on
your contributions to make this a reality.

Core Features

Social channels

Shire's chat system will have the power of Slack for tech-savvy users, with the ease-of-use of social media for less experienced volunteers.

Training & learning management

A fully integrated training system will enable campaigns to create and manage training for volunteers, and test them on their knowledge.

Super fast onboarding

Volunteers can sign up, share their interests & skills, sign necessary documents, and be assigned to a team immediately.


Need to reach a volunteer who doesn't have the app installed? Just send them a message in Shire and it will be delivered via SMS.

Automatic account provisioning

Never have to create an account again - if a volunteer has permission to access a system like Votebuilder, Hustle, or Spoke, an account will automatically be created for them.

Seamless app launcher

Don't force your volunteers to remember a half dozen passwords or bookmark links. They'll be seamlessly signed in and taken to their applications with a single click.

Project Timeline

Phase One: Research, Planning, & Initial Crowdfunding

In phase one (November 2021 – February 2022), our team will focus on user research, testing, and building an initial design and specification for the application. Our advisory group, consisting of campaign professionals, organizers, technologists, leaders and vendors from across the movement will contribute to the plan. If you would like to contribute by joining our open advisory group, click here to learn more.

Phase Two: Core Development

In Phase Two (March 2022 – June 2022), our Core Features will undergo development. This will be a critical time as the goal of this phase will be to deliver a “minimum viable product” (tech speak for ‘something useful’) for the 2022 midterm elections and get it in the hands of campaigns.

Phase 3: The Midterms

In Phase 3 (July 2022 – November 2022), our team will focus on supporting campaigns who are using the software for the Midterm Elections. We will take feedback, make adjustments quickly, and learn everything we can to improve the software in Phase 4.

Phase 4: Continued Development

After the 2022 midterm elections, we will review the data we’ve collected and work with campaign leaders and organizers from across the movement to continue innovating in the space.

Meet the Team


Samantha Boucher

Co-founder & CEO

Samantha is an activist, technologist, first responder, and multi-time campaign manager. She was the first openly trans person to manage a federal campaign.

Edward Monical-Vuylsteke

Co-founder & CTO

Edward is a backend developer and systems architect with 15+ years of experience in building scalable, integrated systems.

Cory Archibald

Board Member

Cory is a powerful voice in the progressive movement, formerly serving as chair of the board for Brand New Congress. She has directly worked on or advised over 100 campaigns.

Sammy Lowdermilk

Board Member

Sammy is a tech educator, former Congressional District Director & Campaign Manager with 20+ years experience in local, regional, and national political campaigns.

Michael Aponte

Lead Engineer

Michael is an experienced organizing director and full stack engineer with a deep understanding of the needs of movement organizers. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Jyn Fairchild

Advisor, UI/UX Designer

Jyn is a UI/UX designer who cut her teeth at Google, working on UX for multiple products including Youtube & Search. She’s a maker, arduino lover, and graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology.


Spencer Powell

UI/UX Designer

Spencer is a visual, UX, and motion designer. He brings to the table a knowledge of diverse design strategies and experience. Designer by day. Gamer, woodworker, and brewer of ciders by night.

Alexis Faraut

Art Director

Alexis is a New Media Designer, skilled in UI/UX Design, Graphic Design & Illustration. She is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Robyn & Billy Cain

Finance Team

Hailing from McKinney, Texas, Robyn & Billy have decades of experience in information technology, finance, and politics.

+ Advisory Group Members: Tim Nelson, Cole Edwards, Blake Silberberg & many more.

+ Diamond Backers: Terry Weiss
+ Silver Backers: Juan Pablo, Justin Will, John Finelli, Rich Canning, Munin
+ Project Backers: Ln Lurie, Ginny Bateman, Jennifer Wolff, Linda Butler, Christie Fine, Melissa Lefelar, Gwendolyn Keiser, Jordyn Boucher, Annie Tvetenstrand, Leah Bortnick, David Graham, Taylor Nelson, and many more.


Shire is organized as a Delaware C-Corp. This structure enables us to have the maximum flexibility.

No, and no – in order to be selective about what types of campaigns and organizations we will work with, it is necessary to remain a private company. If we were organized as a nonprofit or PAC, the FEC and IRS would limit our activities substantially.

1. Funding – we’ll need to raise enough to pay engineers to build the product.
2. Integrations – as a core feature of Shire will be integrations with 3rd-party applications, we will be somewhat dependent on other vendors and their availability/timelines for integration.

Right now, we aren’t hiring, but if you’d like to donate your time as an advisor we would be happy to have you! Reach out to

Yes! Please click here to contact us. We are conducting user interviews with organizers & campaign technologists, and coordinating with vendors. We also have an open advisory group that you are welcome to join.

Awesome. Click here to join our waitlist and spread the word! The more people know about the project, the better our chance of success.

Please contact us at