The future of volunteering.

Introducing Shire: the first digital office
for progressive campaigns & causes.

What is Shire?

Bringing the in-person volunteer experience
to the distributed, digital world.

Volunteering for campaigns & causes in the modern era isn’t easy – nor is it accessible.

We believe that no matter their location, tech savvy, or physical ability, every volunteer’s contribution is vital to the battles ahead.

Version displayed is a work-in-progress and subject to change.

The vision

We're building Shire to revolutionize digital volunteering.

Volunteering should be as easy as logging on to social media. 

Our vision is for a foundational platform, integrated with the entire civics ecosystem. Shire will act as an operating system, tying the pieces together and making them easy for volunteers and organizers to use.

By integrating with already-existing apps for actions like phone banking and texting, alongside our core Onboarding, Chat and Learning modules, volunteers can finally have a one-stop shop for digital volunteering.

Main features

Organize campaign communication,
learning, and apps in a central hub.​

Fast & Frictionless Onboarding

Volunteers can sign up, share their interests & skills, and be connected with a team right away.

Social Channels

Shire’s social channels have
the power of tools like Slack,
with the ease-of-use of social media.

Seamless App Launcher

Using Shire’s single sign-on, volunteers can be automatically signed in and taken to other apps with a single click.