Supporting shire

Shire will help bring millions of volunteers
to the progressive movement in the years to come

But we can’t do it without your help. Find out ways you can get involved below.

Monetary support

We’re dedicated to advancing the progressive movement, and we’re in this fight for the long haul.

Like most progressive organizations, we rely on the movement’s support to advance our work.

There are several ways both individuals and institutions can support our work monetarily, either by donating or investing.


We’re collecting grassroots donations because it’s the fastest way to get money to our efforts and help pay our staff.

Crowdfund Investor

Using Regulation CF, anyone can invest in our crowdfunding campaign through Wefunder, even if you’re not an accredited investor.

Our Regulation CF investments are currently closed as of May 2023. With your help, we raised $76,000!

Accredited & Institutional Investors

We’re excited to partner with investors who would be a good fit for our mission and help us bring this vision to life.

Send us an email at to get in touch.

Non-monetary support

Join our lists!

Are you a technologist, organizer, consultant, or general interested party?

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Partner with us

We’re not just building a product, we’re building an integrated system for the entire civics ecosystem.

Do you make a product, or offer campaign or nonprofit consulting and would like to discuss partnering with us?

Send us an email at to get in touch.